Zapped is named for the  shocking, electrifying pattern that is used in this jewellery set.  The zapping pattern  is created using "canes".  Caning is a clever way to create a pattern in simple steps, that easily allows you to miniaturise and multiply that pattern as you can see is done here.

Choose your own colours, using striking contrasts to produce your preferred zapped charge. There will be a range of necklace materials available for you to complete your designs and matching earrings.  

Your necklace design may include beads, as shown here. A limited range of beads will be available, but you are also welcometo bring your own.

When you've made your necklace and earrings, use leftover pieces
in a variety of pendants or earrings.
These pendant designs here can be demonstrated for you,
but you might then find your own unique alternative.


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