I love going to Frances’s workshops & put them in my diary straight away.
Frances is a lovely teacher with some very beautiful designs in beading.  She is supportive to all of us and we have a great time getting together.   
Louise S.

Workshop was fun and Frances’s patience was much appreciated.
Sharyn  G.

Great workshop. Relaxing, social and very flexible with individuals. Lots of fun.
Kaz G.

Love the classes, meeting people, learning a new skill,
and positive comments from people when I am wearing the jewellery.
Karen P.


Really love the workshops and the insights and creations you inspire!           
Karen S.

The workshops that Frances hosts are ideal in my opinion. Most importantly, her expectations for the participants are achievable. Frances effectively demonstrates and clearly explains each procedure step by step. She encourages participants to try different ideas and organises a range of materials for selection.
The result is no that two pieces are exactly the same,
 something which participants find very appealing.
Natalie C.

I really enjoyed that workshop and my paper beads have been much admired.
Folk can't believe they are paper.....!
Jenny  R.

I have really enjoyed what workshops I have been to with you, always have fun, good basic instruction with loads of room to "experiment" which I enjoy.
 Thank you for your patience and putting these workshops together.
Maria E.

Had a great time! Loved the workshop. Frances is very patient!  
Alma  L.

A great morning and I was pleased with what I did as a first attempt. 
Jenny  R.

A terrific class. Frances showed endless patience and worked at a pace to suit individual participants. Lots of interest in attending future classes.
 Jan V., Discovery Program (for the mentally ill)

I am now living in Far North Queensland.  As much as I love reading about your workshops,
 it also makes me sad.... I can no longer attend! If I am heading south sometime I will get onto your web site and check out possible dates then... many thanks and bye for now.
Coralie G.

 Thanks Frances, I really enjoyed this one (Coillusion), plenty of challenge with great results. It's a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. 


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 at all workshops.
 Your comments
most welcome!


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