Have you ever seen the humble plait look so impressive? In Strands of Silver  we transform the plait into delicate latticework. And the result is stunningly unique.

This necklace can be made to wear on its own as a bold variation on wearing a silver chain. However it can also be used as a mount for a pendant, creating a stand-out piece of wearable art that cannot fail to be noticed.

Don't be worried that this necklace will require hours of patient pratice! Frances will get you started and then you will find that plaiting wire is easier than it looks. Unlike hair or cord, the wire stays where you put it, so you can "drop" wires and find them again exactly where you dropped them!



In the picture above the Strands of Silver necklace 
is teemed with Jubeadilation's Pizzazz design.


If you have also attended the Pizzazz or Queen of Circles workshops, you have all the skills to make a Strands of Silver bracelet, to match


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