Silver Shimmer is named for the shimmering effect you get when wearing it, though I just can't get a photo to do it justice! .

This project will introduce you to using a jewellery jig for shaping wire. A jig consists of a board in which pegs are placed, and the wire is then wrapped around the pegs. The jigs are provided for the workshop, and since the boards are made from clear plastic, you can place them over drawings of the designs you are working on. So simple, perhaps this one should have been called Simple Shimmer!

Silver Shimmer

 There are two design options for this workshop. The one on the left uses just the jig, and the one above has the added challenge of making spirals.The left one is also  asymmetrical - I like that in a design, but if you prefer symmetry, just choose the side you prefer and repeat it.  

Both designs are suitable for short necklaces or chokers, and you can redesign the pendant element, hang an existing pendant from them, or even wear them without one.

There will be a range of beads to choose from at the workshop, but you are also welcome to incorporate your own.


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