The  Shards  necklace is intended to be an organic design, like pieces of shell or broken glass you might have collected off the beach. This type of pattern is created through some deliberate planned steps, but the outcome is somewhat random. Yours will be a nice surprise!

The shards are cut from the patterned sheet you will create. 


The polymer clays available include ones that are pearlised and metallised, that have a natural sheen. However a special polymer clay varnish will be available for a glassy finish.

This is an ideal workshop for beginners as there is absolutely no right or wrong outcome! Your pattern will be unique  and irreproducible.

The top two styles are possible in a half day workshop, but if are wishing to make the full necklace, as on the left, please let me know when booking a workshop, and expect to take slightly longer.

 The Shards can be threaded with tigertail (as above) or joined with jump rings. In either case the challenge is to design them so gravity makes them hang the way you imagined! You can copy my shapes or make your own. You could make the design symmetrical or even have uniform shapes.


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