Find your Quirky side in this workshop. Challenge yourself to design "outside the box", bringing together polymer clay, beads and quirky items to make something completely novel. 

 There are ideas here to spark your imagination. You are welcome to copy or expand on them, or maybe a novel item you can find around your house will spark a new quirky idea of your own.
Try looking amongst your broken or forgotten jewellery, metal attachments on handbags, an odd keyring or old belt buckles.... etc. Bring them to the workshop and add chain, wire coils, metal beads,
and arrange on a polymer clay base.

 Of course you are welcome to come with nothing;

As you can see here,
it seems to be quite possible
 to be quirky
with the items that are available at the workshop.

(They will change
from time to time!)


Thank you for visiting Jubeadilation 


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