In Mesmerise, we will combine a few colours in a repetitive pattern that can create a mesmerising affect. We start by blending the colours so they merge into one another, and then build a "cane" where the pattern is built up with many multiple layers of the blend. The technique used to achieve these layers is no way as intricate as the finished result might suggest! In fact, you will find it surprisingly easy when you see how it is all done.


Once you have made your cane, you can take slices of it to make beads or pendants in various sizes. In the gold/red option above, very thin slices have been cut for the necklace, and then the holes made so the beads overlap; Putting the holes where you want them  is one of the great benefits of making your own beads!

In  the blue/white option the pattern is more defined.
Some of the slices have been reshaped to give the long beads used for the lariat.

 The colour choice is up to you. If it's not quite as you imagined, there's always a transformation available, as with the swirling of the blue one on the right.


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