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 Host your own workshop at home. All you need is table and chairs and a group of friends!!!

Home workshops can be held at a time to suit you; Morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • Allow two and a half hours for the workshop, plus a little more for a tea break
  • Your table and chairs can be in the dining room, the garage, on the verandah or in any other place where you have room. We just need reasonable light.
  • A maximum of 9 participants works well, but a few more can be accommodated with the workshop tending to run a little longer.

This is a fantastic way to spend time with friends. It gives a purpose to getting together.... so much more enjoyable than party plan sales. Use it to catch up with those friends you never quite have time to see...  Invite colleagues at work, acquaintances at clubs, and neighbours you'd like to know better.....

Private workshops cost less than the public ones and as host you can choose which design you'd like! If you live more than an hour's drive from Landsborough, consider having both a morning and afternoon workshop. Weekend workshops can also be organised for a "girls getaway"!

To organise your workshop contact Frances now on 5494 9817 or use the contact form


When you host a workshop you are welcome to choose from any of the designs in the gallery. 
The Friendship Project is a great one to start with,
or the ones below are relatively quick and straight forward, so great for a first-time group.


     Beadwitched                    Collage                            Polymer Swirls                Pizzazz  


Comment here to share the idea of this workshop with your friends.


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