In the Hanging Around workshop there are several steps to making the finished necklaces, with a number of skills to pick up along the way. You will:

  • blend polymer clay so you can make the beads vibrant in the middle and pale at the tips,
  • Slice and layer the clay to obtain the streaked pattern, 
  • Make the base beads (optionally incorporating a pattern that will show through the streaked pattern)
  • Apply wafer thin layers of your pattern to the beads.
  • Plan the design and shape the beads accordingly - and bake.
  • Make the necklace!
  • And earrings too!

This workshop  will take a little longer
than the usual half day, 
depending on how intricate you make your necklace. 

This workshop is called Hanging Around simply because there are so many ways to hang these beads! 

Here are some ideas for you,
 but perhaps you have another of your own.
The workshop will include demonstrations of wirework
so you can bring your idea to fruition.


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