The Friendship Project


Here's a workshop with a difference! This one is especially designed for groups of friends to create pendants together in celebration of their friendship.




Every friend makes their own roll of patterned clay. You can make it in your favourite colours, in circles, squiggles, crosses, or whatever takes your fancy


Then everyone takes a slice of each roll (perhaps a bigger slice of your own roll), and....








.... makes a pendant.

(You're sure to be able to make some earrings in your own colours too.)


The pendants (and earrings) are baked to harden them.


You get some pretty wild pendants!



Friendship projecte are available from the special price of $130 for 5 people.

Special Offer for birthday parties: 
No charge for the Birthday Girl!


Host your Friendship workshop at home
or  in Landsborough.
Contact Frances for enquiries and bookings here 
or ring on 0468 323 864.



This one is from a
teenagers workshop
Please check here for teenage birthday parties.

And this is from a colour 
co-ordinated workshop,
which gives a more stylish outcome. 


 Suggest a friendshop project to your friends now!

Thank you for visiting Jubeadilation 


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