If you've found yourself on this FAQ page - welcome!
I've written this to put you at ease and promise you a fun, 

 I'm Not Creative!!
How many times have I had to argue with this statement?
Some people seem really convinced that they are not creative
and won't be able to manage a jewellery workshop.
I assure you this is ABSOLUTELY not true!
Creativity is just a skill that we can all develop. 
At my jewellery workshops there is usually a design (or a choice of designs)
that you can follow very closely.
Your creativity might be limited to choosing colours,
but even then, everyone there will be happy to give you their opinion!
The more workshops you come to, the more you will find yourself being unique.
Eventually you might even say to me “I’m not doing it like that!!”.


Do I need to bring anything to the workshops?
No. All the tools and materials are provided.
On the other hand, if you have beads you'd like to use at the workshop,
you are very welcome to bring them along.
AND of course, do bring your reading glasses, if you have them!!

When do I pay for a workshop?
I am happy for you to pay on the day of the workshop - cash please.

I want to come but your schedule doesn't suit me.
The first option is to think about hosting a workshop yourself.
 You only need 5 people (including yourself).
A good way to start is to have one for a birthday.
The next option is to contact me about the possibility of a
 public workshop at a time and place that suits you.
 I know there are interested people all over the Sunshine Coast and beyond
and I am always happy to consider new options.

I feel uncomfortable coming on my own. Everyone else will know everyone.
You will be very welcome. Everyone had a first time!
It's also highly likely there will be another newcomer,
and others who have only been a few times.
We are a very friendly and helpful group.

   Why do you think you're not creative?
Every child seems able to enjoy art, but at some point we decide either we are creative or we are not.
Perhaps it is something an adult says to us. For me, I think it was lack of interest or impatience.
But I bet if you think about it, there are areas in your life where you are creative, 
even if you haven’t previously seen it that way. 
It might be just the way you organise the larder to best suit your needs!

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