Dangle-thon is a bit of a challenge. Can you think of a novel way of using the wire jigs to make a set of earrings?

Designs for these ones will be provided, but once you have made a couple of them, will your imagination take over.....


Silver Shimmer

..... or maybe design a complementary pendant instead?

This workshop will introduce you to using a jewellery jig for shaping wire. A jig consists of a board in which pegs are placed, and the wire is then wrapped around the pegs. The jigs are provided for the workshop, and since the boards are made from clear plastic, you can place them over drawings of the designs you are working on.
It makes the procedure very easy!

This workshop uses quality Artistic wire,
 and a wide range of beads is provided.
You will have time for 3 pairs of earrings or pendants.


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