Help Frances name this new design.  It can be descriptive or imaginative or anything else in between!  Sometimes the first idea that pops into your head is a winner.

The winner, who will be chosen by Frances, will receive a $39 Gift Voucher.  

You can have any number of entries, but list them in order of your preference. If 2 or more people suggest the winning name, the person who gives it the highest preference wins. If they have the same preference, the prize is shared.

Entries can be made up to the end of the workshop on Saturday 2nd October. They can be emailed in (or use the contact form) or given to Frances in writing at the workshops.

Frances reserves the right not to name this design according to any of the entries, but a prize will still be awarded to the one she judges the best.


Winner!!  Joan S. of Mooloolah with:


as voted by workshop participants from Frances's shortlist


 This necklace is an accumulation of rings. Some simple metal rings, some wire-bound, others made from beads and others from Polymer Clay. Hung on a strong black chord, it's a necklace that's almost a pendant!



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