Coillusion is a classy looking style, good perhaps for more formal occasions. It is named for the coils and the illusion they create. By using both silver and coloured wire these coils take on a tube-like appearance.

In this workshop you will become a master of making coil tubes, and also perfect your loop-making technique. There is a special tool for you to try that will make this skill much easier to master.

You can make either a simple necklace, or a lariat style as shown in the picture. If you have a feature bead you'd like to use in the lariat, please bring it along to the workshop. 


 Coillusion  can also be combined with a pendant from a previous workshop. On the left, it is shown with a Collage pendant.


Although Coillusion looks great combined with the glass pearls,  there will also be other beads for you to use if you prefer. If you're not so keen on the sleek look, try using a mixture of beads in different sizes and colours, as shown below.






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