The Carnival Collection allows you to make a set of co-ordinating jewellery over a full day workshop.

Start the day by making glorious Flamenco beads in your choice of colours, using polymer clay. You will learn how to blend colours, so your Flamenco beads can have a graduated colour from the centre to the outer edge, and then you will  use your blended clay to form a cane, which is sliced to make your beads.

Use your Flamenco beads to make a bracelet (below) or necklace.


The Flamenco bead making will leave you with some colourful left-over clay, which you can use to make a complimentary set of stripey beads. There are all sorts of ways to use the stripey clay so make them small or large, bold or sophisticated - or perhaps some of both! 


ALSO AVAILABLE: Flamenco Butterfly Pendant.

This pendant uses a similar technique to make the frill on the wings.  


There will be a range of other beads and materials available to combine with your polymer clay beads.

You can make Carnival sets, as shown here, 
or you can make jewellery to be worn separately. 

You can also come for a half day session to make either:
Flamenco beads jewellery (mornings)
stripey beads jewellery (afternoons).


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