Accessory Bling is different from the other workshops; It's a bit of a free-for-all! The only technique that will be taught is how to use headpins, but then lots of assistance will be given to help you realise your designs.

Make bling for your handbag, key ring or wherever else you want to hang it. If you're not hot on accessories, then make a brooch, pendant or earrings.





There will be a wide range of beads and wire provided, but if you've got broken jewellery or pieces you'd like to remodel, this is the time to do it. There will be some samples to get you thinking. This is your chance to throw sophistication to the wind and be as outlandish as you dare!

Depending on what you make, you should have time to make two or three pieces of bling.

 Xmas Bling Special!!

Make jewellery and Xmas decorations


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